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This Week in Lost - 03/16/10

What lies in the shadow of the statue? Spoilers, below at least...

Episode 8 - "Recon"

Zach says: This week's episode is based on the beloved Sawyer, or James as he is known in the flash-sideways. His flash sideways life is similar to what it is normally; still searching after the con-man who killed his parents and still has major issues with it, however, he happens to be a cop this time around, partnered with Miles, interestingly enough. There aren't too many super reveals during this peek into his alternate life, but I guess it's interesting to see how he's on the right side of the law this time around.

Life on the island however, continues as normal. Nothing too terribly exciting happens this week, although we learn that Widmore has indeed made it to the island, although we don't see him actually on it himself, which could be important, but instead, he is camped out on the submarine.

Other than that, we see (F)Locke as more of a human character, who has emotions and talks about his mother, and issues he has. He is very convincing at making these people trust him and tells them that he is going to protect them. However, it's unclear if he is being truthful about his intentions and feelings, as he lied about being the smoke monster, and instead, says he was protecting the people from it.

I would like to think that he is playing everyone, and trying to get them to do something for him, but it's hard to tell. Sawyer on the other hand, is definitely playing everyone he meets. Locke sent him to the other island to see what was going on. Sawyer meets up with Widmore and makes a deal to deliver Locke to him, to kill. Obviously, Sawyer is making deals with both sides for his own benefit, and doesn't trust anyone, so we'll see how that all plays out.

One interesting bit we get away from this is that Widmore seems to know what's going on, which makes enough sense, as he was a leader on the Island before. So, Widmore wants to kill Locke as well, so what happens when he inevitably meets up with Ben?

Another tidbit, is that Sayid is totally gone. Claire attacks Kate right in front of him and he just sits there. Somethings up with that, so I'm gonna go ahead and predict that Hurley is going to have to kill him or something. It'll be a trying time, I'm sure. Anyways, this week's episode I didn't really think was that great, but next week's will feature Richard, so that should be plenty interesting. Until then.
Zach's Score: 7/10

JDW says: After last week's phenomenal episode, it was more than unlikely that this week's episode would be as good, and considering it focused on the somewhat likeable but usually hateable Sawyer, there was pretty much not amazing to be expected. And the episode was just that, it was alright, had some things to say, but otherwise was kind of dull.

Sawyer's flash-sideways was interesting, if only because we got to see what became of Miles and Charlotte in their alter-lives, and even Charlie's brother and Kate show up. But Sawyer's L.A. life felt very much like Locke's and Kate's stories, in that they don't feel very important, and the supporting characters just feel like "oh hey, look at that!" cameos. Also, anyone else notice that Ajira flight 316 was featured again... on 3/16?! I wonder if that was planned...
JDW's Score: 7/10

Overall Score: 7/10

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