Friday, February 5, 2010

This Week in Fringe - 2/4/10

Hey, if that other, more popular J.J. Abrams show had its big return this week, sure this one will have its own moment to shine... right?

Episode 14 - "Jacksonville"

The episode opens up in Manhattan, where an earthquake seems to be occurring. But this quake seems different, it's only happening inside one select building. Upon investigation of the incident, it is found that it was not an earthquake, but a melding of a building from the alternate universe into a building from the prime universe. Yes, that means Fringe is finally back to it's main story-arc (after a long run of 'case of the week' episodes) and sadly it had to happen in the last episode before the show's new hiatus.

After the okay to awful episodes we've had to deal with recently, "Jacksonville" was quite the treat. Having said that however, it certainly wasn't the best of Fringe's main story-arc episodes; there wasn't even any Nimoy! But still, we got to explore Olivia's past, the alternate universe (to an extent), and even a revelation regarding Peter that we've been waiting on for awhile. Not the greatest of cases, but getting answers is very much appreciated, especially when the show ignores itself most of the time.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Missed the episode? Watch it on Hulu

As hinted last week, yes, Fox is putting Fringe on yet another hiatus. So now we won't see any more new Fringe episodes until April 1st (and despite the date, I'm assuming it's not a joke). See you then!

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