Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Doctor Who series trailer

With The End of Time now aired, and Matt Smith's run as The Doctor beginning, it's finally time to see our new Doctor in action, with this brief trailer released by the BBC yesterday,

Well well, notice much of the scenes have Smith in Tennant's outfit from The End of Time, just battered up a bit from the crash at the end of the special; the tie and the an Chuck Taylor's are a dead give-away. And also note how The End of Time featured quite a lengthy scene between The Doctor and Wilfred about he'd never use guns, eventually taking the thing anyways, and now in this trailer we see the new Doctor firing a pistol. Oh, and Daleks and Weeping angels are back! AWESOME!

Oh, and that's a new logo if you were wondering. Like every Doctor before him, Matt Smith's eleventh version also comes with a new series logo. It's much more of a drastic change than the logo used from Eccleston to Tennant, which was essentially just a color swap. More about the logo change at the BBC's Doctor Who website. Oh, Spring 2010, get here now!!!

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