Friday, January 8, 2010

FLCL comes to Funimation

It's rare, and I mean RARE, that I give a crap about anime these days. It's nothing against the medium, I really liked anime back in the day, along with other animation, what ruined anime for me (and if you're a fan of ours and a fan of anime, you might want to look away)... it's the people. The fans of anime are some of the most.. I don't even know how to explain my frustration with people that ONLY like anime. I've lost interest in anime because I was annoyed with being associate with such an awful group of people that liked what I liked.

Regardless, back when I was big into anime, there was one series that really got to me, Gainax's FLCL. Even though it was just six episodes, there was something just so fantastic/imaginative/bizarre about the show that I really connected with. Sure, I might not like anime as much anymore, and I can't say I seek out new anime series anymore; but if it means anything there's only two anime series I ever bought on DVD: FLCL (yes, even at $30 per 2-episodes) and Samurai Champloo (Bebop is great, but Champloo oozes style). Not that it's an achievement, but the fact that I only bought those two kind of says something.. maybe.

Back on topic, the reason I'm rambling here is because, for whatever reason, Funimation now owns the distribution rights to FLCL, which was previously released by Synch-Point. I can't say I'm blown away or anything, but because of Synch-Point's small size, the FLCL DVDs were always incredibly hard to find, and EXPENSIVE. Now that Funimation is in control, that means wide distribution and perhaps affordability. The best news however, is that not Funimation is in control, no. The best news is that the series will be re-released on DVD (yes, all six in just one set) ... and Blu-ray! I'm not one to re-buy something just because it's on a different medium, but, if the Blu-ray contains the commentary, extras, and even more than what Synch-Point's DVDs had, I may consider it.

Man... that is like the most informal writing I've done in a long time. See what anime does to you?

See Funimation's announcement for, not too much news. And you can also visit their teaser website, for a picture.

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Anonymous said...

Man, this makes me happy to hear. I've been wanting the entire series for quite a while now, maybe now I can finally get it.