Thursday, December 3, 2009

This Week in Fringe - 12/3/09

After a two week break due to the holiday, Fringe is back! Does the return hold up after the previously phenomenal episode? Let's find out:

Episode 9 - "Snakehead"

While the last episode showed just how good Fringe can get when it focuses on its core storyline this week once again returns to the show's classic "case of the week" formula, basically ignoring anything that happened last time. And while it's a shame that the show constantly does this to its viewers, at least the case was interesting.

This week's case has Fringe Division looking into a case of giant parasitic creatures being smuggled in by Triad gang members through human bodies. But while the creatures may look terrifying, it turns out that they boost the immune system, and it's up to the usual team to find out why. The other main focus of the episode is Walter, who has been out of the mental institution for a year and is urging to gain independence, even if he gets lost along the way.

A very suspenseful episode, and a somewhat emotional one as well. I have to say, I felt kind of bad when Walter started crying because he couldn't remember Peter's phone number. It was like watching a helpless child in a seventy year old man's body. But, while a decent episode, I'm more looking forward to next week's return of William Bell.

Overall Score: 8/10

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