Monday, December 21, 2009

The High Road

Apparently I forgot to write about this 'band' first forming, sorry about that. But hopefully the prospect of a free download will remedy that. The Shins' frontman, James Mercer, and famed producer/musician Danger Mouse (called by his real name, Brian Burton, for this project) recently formed a band known as Broken Bells, and their first track, "The High Road," is now available for free by signing up for their newsletter. But act quick, because it will only be available for one day, then you'll have to buy it on iTunes or where ever you like to buy music.

Visit to sign up for the newsletter to get your free download, or if you're not one for giving out your e-mail, you can stream the track on the site, or visit their MySpace and hear it.

It's not a new Shins album, but it's good to hear Mercer singing again. And while a lot of people like to shun Danger Mouse, I, for the most part, like the albums he's worked on. So most likely I'll pick this album when it releases this March. Until then I'll have to just enjoy "The High Road."

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