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This Week In FlashForward - 11/19/09

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Episode 9 - "Believe"

Zach says: This week returns to the more dramatic side of things, and much less on the actual investigation. While they do find out that Suspect Zero's ring was one of those alpha rings from the end of last episode, that's about all there is. They couldn't enhance his face, but somehow his ring was easy. Aside from the main investigation, it appears that the NSA tapped the FBI's phones, and recorded Demetri's call with that woman who said he would be murdered. Through some pleaded, they got their hands on the tape and are looking for her.

The main part of the episode though, dealt with Bryce, the nurse, and why he was going to kill himself and why he decided not to. It makes for a somewhat almost possibly happy ending maybe, but nothing too important to the real story. There is also some drama going on with Aaron and his daughter. She is drinking a lot, and obviously as a recovering alcoholic, he is having problems with his daughter's excessive drinking.

Overall, not the most exciting episode, and once again, the series is jumping from important, interesting stuff, to filler drama. I'm not too happy about that.
Zach's Score : 6/10

JDW says: I must agree, I can't say that focusing on one of the series' most minor of characters was a good idea. Especially when this episode is the first to introduce the Lost-esque flashbacks, which may or may not be a sign of the direction the show is going. I mean, what I liked about the show to begin with with was that all you really needed to know was what was going on now in the present, because you already see the future; why take a step back and start showing us a time before the show started? It just seemed really irrelevant to me.

All in all, this episode was just unnecessary. There's no major revelations in the series, and the logic of how Bryce even finds the identity of the girl he saw in his vision is just absurd. Like, it just so happens that the one Asian patient in the hospitol recognizes the logo for a small restaurant in a tiny town in Japan? And that he somehow gets to the place in a day and the workers there know exactly who she is based off his crappy drawing? There's just too many coincidental happenings on this show and it's really starting to bother me.
JDW's Score: 5/10

Overall Score: 5.5/10

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