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This Week in FlashForward - 10/1/09

Sorry for the one day delay, but sometimes TV schedules don't fit the schedules for TV viewers..

Episode 2 - "White to Play"

Zach says: This week's FlashForward continues in a most welcomed way. Mark an the rest of the FBI agents continue in their search to find out what happened or who caused it. Through bits and pieces, they get a lead and follow it to quite the interesting conclusion, which leads viewers to believe there is a bigger conspiracy at hand.

There is a bit of drama concerning the Mark and his wife, Olivia, and whether or not their flash forwards will come true, in particular, if she will be unfaithful. She meets the man of her dreams, and Mark is more worried than ever. In an attempt to change the future, he burns the bracelet his daughter made for him, but will that be enough? Will he find a new one? It's obviously hard to say at this point, but there is even more intrigue afoot. For instance, his daughter speaks of her nightmarish vision, and some woman calls Demetri Noh about his own murder.

The show is definitely ramping up to be filled with both drama, but balanced well with action and mystery. I'm most definitely looking forward to the rest of the season.
Zach's Score: 9/10

JDW says: Following last week's series premiere, it seems like FlashForward has a lot of explaining to do, considering how many characters, plot lines, and twists were included. So as expected, much of the episode consists of analyzing eachother's visions, and of course, discovering and analyzing new ones. With revelations of course, the show can't leave us completely in he dark!

Well, I say this much, I found some of the actor cameos to be quite interesting (we did see Seth Macfarlane last time), like Ferris Bueller's friend Alan Ruck, and MADtv alumn, Stephanie Weir. But as for the episode itself, it was certainly interesting, and there's still a motivation to see how this whole story pans out. I just wish some of the writing wasn't so cliche and that the series could just focus instead of giving too much information at once. Regardless, FlashForward is looking like the show to watch this season.
JDW's Score: 8/10

Overall Score: 8.5/10

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