Thursday, September 24, 2009

This Week in Fringe - 9/24/09

Yes, so it seems there's actually not going to be a delay to This Week in Fringe, as FlashForward actually airs at 8, meaning it leads right into Fringe's 9 o'clock time slot. So, let's see what season two's second episode has to offer.

Episode 2 - "Night Of Desirable Objects"

After last week's less than stellar season premiere one would hope this following episode makes up for it. So this week's case features a mysterious underground beast they preys on overworld dwellers, but back in the FBI there's some stuff going down. There's the whole, evil Charlie issue revealed at the end of last week, and Walter is trying to figure out how Olivia's crash came to happen, while Peter and Olivia investigate the missing people in the field problem.

The thing with Fringe is that every episode follows a form, and not being a season premiere or finale, this episode falls back into the same form that season one episodes had. So what is there to say? The case was an interesting one, but nothing that really struck me; and once again I'm left wondering "Where are my answers to the season one finale, and why are they ignoring it?" Seriously, I've never seen a show ignore it's previous episodes as much as Fringe...

Overall Score: 7/10

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