Friday, September 18, 2009

New 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' featurette

Thanks again to the team at GeekTyrant for always finding new, interesting videos for me to tell you about.

This neat little featurette for Wes Anderson's next film, Fantastic Mr. Fox, has Wes, along with Dahl's wife, Felicity Dahl, discussing his inspiration for the film from Roald Dahl's (the author of the original Fantastic Mr. Fox book) home in England.

The way the set-builders photographed and recreated Dahl's home in miniature for is really impressive, I must say. I'm still a little shakey on the American casting, and the fact that I never read the original book, but as of right now it's looking neat.

Guess I should find me a copy before November comes!

UPDATE: GeekTyrant happened to have another video, this one is much more informative in terms of the animation/recording process. Really neat stuff!

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