Sunday, August 2, 2009

Avatars in Guitar Hero 5

They tried out Miis in a particular mode of Guitar Hero: World Tour, so I guess it was time to step up the game for Guitar Hero 5, as now you'll be able to rock out as your Xbox 360 Avatars; proved by this video on Xbox's official YouTube page.. which no one seems to have posted else wise:

The feature is pretty cool to see, as not too many games right now actually take advantage of the Avatars. But there's something strange about watching a group of men in business attire singing KISS... and the lip-syncing isn't all too there. Regardless, I'm curious to see if the Wii version will allow gamers to play as Miis in the full game this time around... no clue what to say for Sony gamers though, since the Home characters don't really leave that application.

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