Sunday, July 26, 2009

SDCC 09: Marvel Anime

Yes, you read that right, as announced at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel and Mad House have teamed together for two anime productions, Iron Man and Wolverine. While the details from ToonZone are sparse (I'd tel you more myself if I was actually at the convention), but they do have this poster:

And if posters of a decent looking Iron Man and insanely effeminate Wolverine don't do it for you, then thankfully there's teaser trailers for both the rad looking Iron Man and the kind of lame looking Wolverine online (click the links).

I know, I favor DC over Marvel a lot of the time... but from looks of these right now, Batman: Gotham Knight looks like the more successful translation of 'American superhero to anime' than these two Marvel projects look to be. Only time will tell I suppose... but seriously, the hate is just going towards that awful Wolverine character design, the Iron Man trailer was pretty awesome.

via ToonZone

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Hampig said...

Whats with all the anime conversions this year? Anywho, I agree. Iron man looked totally kickass, wolverine, not so much.