Friday, July 24, 2009

SDCC 09: Jonah Hex poster

The Dark Knight may have been DC Comics' big film focus of 2008, and the success of that film arguably is what brought a lot of hype to Watchmen this year. So what's next for DC Comics' theatrical films? Other than the currently in pre-production Green Lantern, there's been one movie filming that you may not have heard about: Jonah Hex.

Let's ignore Megan Fox's rediculously tight corset for a moment and take a look the starring character, Jonah Hex, played by Josh Brolin. Being familiar with the character, I think it's nice to see his trademark facial scars are still in-tact, including that gross piece of flesh that comes in front of his mouth... Otherwise, this poster doesn't really tell me much, as it clearly looks like Warner Bros. placed Megan Fox there to catch people's attention.

Sadly, at least from the poster, I'm getting the same bad vibe I did from Marvel's Ghost Rider film. In that they're taking a reasonably obscure character from the comic universe, but instead of developing the lead character, they put the focus on an attractive woman that otherwise is unneeded in the film; and thus the film is a poor adaptation because you lose what make's the comic so unique. But it's just a poster, and I'm sure there will be more to judge sooner or later. Let's hope this isn't another Catwoman... I know Marvel has a lot of films on the way DC, but seriously, quantity isn't quality.

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