Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Media Update: Kaiser Chiefs and Green Day at Madison Square Garden

I know, it's 3:30 AM right now, and I'm tired as hell. While my After Thoughts for Green Day's concert at Madison Square Garden last night may not be up yet, I've already gone and posted some photos on our Flickr and some videos on our YouTube channel, VFHvideo, of both Green Day and opening band, Kaiser Chiefs.

(click to see the whole gallery at Flickr!)

Kaiser Chiefs - "Everyday I Love You Less and Less"
(Also watch "Oh My God" at VFHvideo)

Green Day - "Song of the Century" / "21st Century Breakdown"
(Also watch "Jaded" at VFHvideo)

Not much to go by right now, I know, but I assure you the After Thoughts for the show will be up later today. And yes, if you're curious I did take more photos, but Flickr has a lot of file/bandwidth limits so I had to really pick and choose what would be posted or not; as for videos, what you see is all I took, though I'm sure you'll be able to find more on YouTube sooner or later. Enjoy! And just in case you were curious, the show was awesome!

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