Wednesday, July 29, 2009

First look at Fantastic Mr. Fox

Haven't had the chance to express my feelings for Wes Anderson's film work yet here, but with the impending release of his next feature, Fantastic Mr. Fox, it's finally time to say something. But while Anderson's current film library consists of dry humored, artsy, drama/comedies, this next film is a little different. For one, it will be a stop-motion animated film, and it will be an adaptation, as Fantastic Mr. Fox is based on the story book by Roald Dahl. Both atributes are firsts for Anderson, and I'm personally curious to see how this all fairs out.

USA Today post a gallery of the first images from the film, as well as some set shots. The gallery of which (it's nine photos) can be viewed here at USA Today's Photo Gallery. The least I can say, based on these photos, is that despite the use of miniature sets and puppets, it still looks like Wes Anderson's signature film style, and that's only a good thing.

Fantastic Mr. Fox will be released by Fox Searchlight this November 13th.


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