Saturday, May 9, 2009

Flickr Update: Star Trek glasses

As reported the other day, Burger King now has four collector's glasses available as a promotion for J.J. Abrams' Star Trek, which released in theaters yesterday (and I'm still desperate to see it). But while I may not of had the chance to see the film, I was able to get to my local Burger King and inquire about the glasses. And thankfully for my health, I found out that I don't need to buy four value meals to get all four glasses, I simply just had to order one food item and the cups would still be $1.99 each. So with one 4-piece chicken nuggets, the four glasses, and tax, my total was $9.59; not bad, in my opinion.

StarTrekBK_01 StarTrekBK_02 StarTrekBK_03

As you can see, I've decided not to use these glasses, let alone remove their protective plastic, because of my "collector's OCD". However, I'm quite fond of the Spock glass, and I'm thinking of buying a second one so that I can actually use it. These glasses are only available this month, so if you're liking how they look in pictures, you may want to pick them up for yourself while you still can!

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