Saturday, April 25, 2009

Reminder: Free Comic Book Day

Hey everyone, just wanted to remind you all, a week from today is Free Comic Book Day. For those unaware of what a calendar is, that's May 2nd, 2009.

The way FCBD works is that, you visit your local comic book shop (if they're participating), and you'll receive a bag full of different comics from a variety of publishers, completely free. Just don't think you can go to any shop and take anything off the shelves though; be reasonable. To see what comics will be available this year, take a look at FCBD's full listing of available comics, though be aware, not every shop will receive everything on the list.

To find a comic book shop in your area, use FCBD's Comic Shop Locator. When you get your local listings, be sure to call up the shops to make sure they're actually participating. They should be regardless, but it doesn't hurt to double check.

I plan to make my own rounds on May 2nd, so hopefully we'll be able to take a look at the selection together.

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