Monday, January 19, 2009

The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!! review

Didn't think I was going to actually do this, but I figured I would for such a special occasion. After a three year absence from Cartoon Network, the channel decided to bring everyone's favorite super-powered little girls back for their 10th Anniversary. To celebrate, Cartoon Network aired a marathon of The Powerpuff Girls, which then led into a top ten of episodes hand-picked by series creator Craig McCracken. But it didn't end there; the anniversary culminated with this brand new Powerpuff episode titled, "The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!!". This is the first new material of the original Powerpuff Girls in over three years!

Those with an eye for the medium will most likely notice that this episode looks unlike any previous PPG episode. The reason being is that it was entirely made in Flash, by the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends team. Yes, entirely, even the opening has been remade in Flash. Personally, I've found that studios use Flash as a means for cheap animation and lazy effects; however for the most part, I found this episode to look and feel like any other PPG, though some cheap movements were noticed.

As for story, what can you expect from a cartoon aimed at young viewers. Basically, the Key to the World has arrived in Townsville, but has been misplace by the clumsy Mayor, and now every villain the girls have ever faced are aiming to get their hands on it. A simple premise, but it certainly works for the series.

But, the special really shines at what the series does best, and that's references. There's a plethora of things for us more mature viewers to find that kids may not notice or get. For instance, Mojo Jojo's entrance is a spoof of the "Dramatic Chipmunk", there's a cameo of Foster's Frankie, a split second glimpse of Ms. Bellum's face (finally!), and a musical number with Mojo spoofing Tears For Fears' 1985 hit, "Everybody Wants To Rule the World", plus a few others. Put it this way, fans of McCracken's work and comedic style will surely be pleased, I know I was.

Overall, it's a decent way to carry out the series, and the thought of a new episode was a much appreciated gesture in itself. It's not the greatest episode ever, and the Flash design may not sit as well as the old traditional style, but the episode does a good job of staying true to the series, and for that it's good. And, with McCracken's Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends also coming to an end soon, I'd be curious to see what they do for it's anniversary.

Overall score: 8.6/10


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