Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Powerpuff Girls DVD Box Set

Hey there, guess what I got today? Oh ... the title gave it away didn't it. While I take some time to watch most of the episodes, and dive deep into the 30 hours of content, I figured I'd add some pack shots to our Flickr for you to enjoy.

PPG_01 PPG_02 PPG_03
PPG_04 PPG_05
Wasn't too keen when I found out the 6 discs were in individual cases, as I lack the shelf space for something so bulky that could've easily been changed otherwise. But it's the only way I'm getting all the episodes so I'll deal with it. Anyways, from the extras I've watched, it made the set worthy enough of a buy, but there's still alot more for me to go through before I can review it all. Stay tuned!

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