Sunday, January 18, 2009

New content notice

Hey there readers! Perhaps it's me just getting ready too early, I mean ... it is 1:30 AM. But I just went and made a couple additions to the side navigation. First off is the new "Comics, Etc." section, which as you could probably guess, will be where you can find reviews for comics, graphic novels, manga, and art books.

The other new addition is the "Seal of Approval" button. While the button may be new, the page it leads to is not. It's just, we didn't have a link to the VFH Seal of Approval listings yet, and being that we've awarded a third title with it, I felt it was time it got its own representation. You may also notice it has a different font than the other options, that's because it matches the font of the award itself.

Hope these two more options don't blow your mind. But none the less, I just wanted to get the blog ready for our first reviews in the Comic/Art book category. See you soon!

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