Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Club Nintendo Hanafuda Cards

Hey guys, got my first Club Nintendo reward in the mail today, and was both pleasantly surprised and a bit shocked, but overall, it was a good decision me thinks.

The first thing I noticed when I opened up the package to see my new Hanafuda cards was how small they were. I was expecting the cards to be about the same size as standard playing cards, however, they are much smaller.

Hanafuda_01 Hanafuda_02 Hanafuda_03
Hanafuda_04 Hanafuda_05 Hanafuda_06
Six shots, just added to our Flickr account. Just for you!

The set contains a total of 48 cards, which are used in a game, which can be learned via the included instructions. The cards are made of a durable plastic and would break before they bend. The cards portray various designs, some of which feature Nintendo characters such as Mario, Boo, Bowser, amung others.

For the price of 800 coins, I think it's a fair enough deal, and one of the better rewards you can get from Club Nintendo currently. More so if you happen to be a collector, as it isn't the most practical of options, but still pretty cool.

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