Sunday, December 7, 2008

iPhone Series: Antimatter review

Antimatter is another game for the iPhone from Pangea Software, that is a simple pick up and play game that you can have fun with for a minute or two here and there when you have some time to kill.

There are two stages in the game, and they include the main game and the bonus round. The main game has you controlling an orb of energy on the screen by moving your finger, and your goal is to turn all of the blue Cosmic Strings to red. You change the color of the strings by running into them with your orb, so you simply need to bump into all of these strings, but if you hit them twice, they will go back to blue, and so forth. Once you have them all red, you move on to the next level, where there are more and more cosmic strings.

To make things harder, you have an energy meter that is constantly ticking down, and if it gets depleted, you lose. To add energy to the meter, simply hit a cosmic string, however, the more you hit the same string, the less energy you will get from it, so be sure to make your finger strokes thoughtfully and turn all of the strings red.

If you clear the levels faster, you get bonus points, and power ups can either help or hurt you in accomplishing this. Power ups are these colored orbs that float around the screen, and some are beneficial, while others are detrimental, so you have to be careful of which ones you get. Most manipulate the cosmic strings, such as splitting them up, or making them larger or smaller, while others give you more bonus time or manipulate your energy levels, while the eliminator destroys cosmic strings. So, these can be very helpful, or very deadly, so you have to know which do what and how to benefit from them.

After you’ve played a few levels, you will be thrown into a bonus round, which is a very simply round in which a stream of particles falls from the top of the screen and you need to direct it into a particle collector, which is a small gate on the perimeter of the screen. The gate will disappear and reappear all over the perimeter, so you have to stay on your toes and move around the particle stream if you want the most points.

This is all the game provides, so it is limited and very simple, but at only .99 cents, it may be worth it to check out. You can also pause and save your progress if you make it to a high level, and your high scores are saved, but overall, it is a very simple game.

Overall Score - 6.5/10

You can purchase Antimatter on iTunes

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