Friday, November 21, 2008

This Week In Adult Swim - 11/21/08

After this week there's just one more Moral Orel, and it won't air for a month! Why must you taunt me?! There's also a new Superjail! and the premire of The Drinky Crow Show.

The Drink Crow Show - Beer Goggles. Drink Crow is the 3D animated adaptation of the Maakies comic strip; and already had a pilot premiere last year. This episode starts off with Drinky finding out his girlfriend is cheating on him, and due to Gabby's advice, lowers his standards with the aid of beer goggles. I have to say, since the pilot, they've really enhanced the visual style for the better. While the episode was more entertaining than I expected it to be, it still felt a bit lacking, hopefully future episodes raise the bar.
Overall score - 7.7/10

Superjail! - Dream Machine. After a nightmare, The Warden uses a machine to moniter the inmate's dreams. As is a Superjail! norm by now, his plan goes awry and suddenly the dreams become real. While the shows violent and twisted imagery is regularly off the wall, all is destroyed when the show escapes it's own "reality". The dream sequences may possibly be the most twisted the show will ever get, I hope, but because I can't see what more they could do after this.
Overall score - 8.8/10

Moral Orel - Nesting. Twelve of thirteen. The episode starts out with a twisted view of Miss Censordoll's Moralton, and then flashes back a few months prior; basically showing her plans to make eggs legal again. Considering this is the second to last episode, there's bound to be some major revelations. In fact right away you find out that Clay is more important to Moralton then you've ever thought, and I'll only give you that much. I enjoyed all the off the sudden revelations this episode has given ... but the ending, the ending of this episode was kind of disturbing, and for that I can't score it as high as the previous few.
Overall score - 8/10

Sorry, no clips this week. I'll say it again, one more episode is left of Moral Orel, I'm really hoping that it's the best ever, it deserves to be. Shame we wont see it for a month or so. Next week brings us the first part of Superjail!'s season finale, and another episode of Drinky Crow. See you then!

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