Sunday, November 16, 2008

This Week In Adult Swim - 11/14/08

This week in Adult Swim is a little odd, I refrained from posting the Orel reviews on Friday because Robot Chicken Star Wars: Episode II didn't premiere until Sunday night. So this week we have the tenth and eleventh (just two more left!) episodes of Moral Orel, and the Robot Chicken special.

Moral Orel - Sundays. Ten of thirteen. This episode follows the lives of two seemingly unknown characters, from events in season one, to the post hunting trip, present day. It really shows the parallels between these seemingly opposite women, and how the effect the lives of Moralton's citizens. All in all the episode was pretty interesting, especially to see unknown character's lives. My biggest issue was the abrupt ending, but at the same time it just worked.
Overall Score - 8.8/10

From 'Sacrifice'. Pretty much the only joke of the episode, half way through.

Moral Orel - Sacrifice. Eleven of thirteen. Unlike many of this season's episodes, this episode not only takes place in the present, but continues directly after the events of 'Sundays'. So really, these two episodes are best viewed together. The episode many follows Clay, but the other lonely men of Moralton: Rev. Puddy, Officer Papermouth, and Dr. Potterswheel, all play important roles as well. What I really liked about this episode is how people start to take notice of the changes in the lives and surrounds, even to the point of questioning their faith. It brings a very deep, human element to the show. And while it may not be for those of you looking for laughs, it has definitely raised my opinion of the show.
Overall Score - 9.5/10

Robot Chicken Star Wars: Episode II. After the success of the first Star Wars special, Robot Chicken returns for more, and the bulk is actually new footage! That was my biggest problem with the first special, was that 3/4 of the skits were all from previous episodes; not the case this time around. No, in fact, it was all new footage (other than the opening) so it makes the inevitable fact that this will be a standalone DVD release, kind of worth it. Also noticed was a superior budget from past Robot Chicken productions; there's lots of detail to the character models, and the animation is much more intricate and fluid. As for the comedy, the skits were definitely much more enjoyable than the first special; with great scenes between Luke and Vader, a look inside a mouse droid, Admiral Ackbar cracking one liners, and Billie Dee Williams reprising the role of Lando Calrissian, there's definitely a laugh to be had. Not only was this one of the better things to happen to Star Wars in years, but it was a high point for Robot Chicken as well.
Overall Score - 9.3/10

Thank you Admiral Ackbar.

After a weekend full of Shadow Machine Films' work, it really pains me to see Moral Orel ending. Robot Chicken is funny and all, and has a somewhat big name behind it (Seth Green), but Moral Orel has really evolved into a sincere, heartfelt show with comedy mixed in, and maybe it's being canceled because it's level is just too great for the typical Adult Swim viewer ... and that's a shame. Next week brings back Superjail!, and the premiere of The Drinky Crow Show. Moral Orel's final 2 episodes won't end up premiering until December 18th.

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