Friday, October 3, 2008

This Week in Adult Swim - 10/3/08

Here with the first 'episode' of our new feature. This week's Adult Swim premieres are the Season Finale of Robot Chicken, the 2nd episode of Superjail!, and another installment of Shin-Chan.

Shin Chan - Episode 51. The first short of this episode is, stay with me now, 'The Loser Can't Lose It 'Cause He Lost It So He Loses It'; here, Shin meets up with he creepy former neighbor, Yanro, who has lost his "box for higher" ... in a case of miscommunication, the typical Shin-Chan perv humor ensues. The next short is 'Lunch Flake!', Shin invites his friends over for lunch, and that's pretty much it, nothing overly exciting, but Boo might give you a laugh or two. 'Bitey of Evidence' is the third and final short, Shin's mother plots to send Shin off to a "bad kids' camp", the two get into a cosplay fight and well, you'l have to watch. I'd say the last short was the best of the episode, but it's nothing you haven't seen if you're already a fan of the show.
Overall Score - 6.5/10

Superjail! - Combaticus. By far my most favorite of [as]'s latest projects, Superjail! continues to deliver with is fast paced, fluid animation, as well as it's grotesque imagery. The inmates are in a state of depression, and the Warden has unearthed an ancient fighting arena ... this can't go well. Despite being such an animated show, for once there were actually a couple still frames, and one in particular happened to be the best moment for me. I think because the show is so fluid, these still frames catch much more of you attention, and it actually works really well. In the end though, the episode didn't seem to last as long as the Pilot and the first episode, but it was still entertaining.
Overall Score - 8.8/10

Wild animation, meet still frame

Robot Chicken - Chirlaxx. Season 3's finale is finally here, and just four days before the Season 3 Box Set goes on sale, go figure. Let's see what we got; Japanese TV spoof, George W. Bush, poking fun at the handicapped, Star Trek, fake commercials, a musical number, and an ending with Seth Green and Matt Senreich ... yup it's a Robot Chicken finale alright. The season had its hits here and there, and this finale follows suit; some skits are hillarious, but other (yes, you Glow Worm) are just a bore. Until Season 4 ...
Overall Score - 8.5/10

My favorite skit of the finale, it's actually Sir Mix-A-Lot too

A decent set of weekend premieres, though small. With Robot Chicken ending, next week will bring us not one, but TWO Moral Orel premiers, as well as new Superjail! and the season finale of Shin-Chan.

You can watch these episodes of Shin-Chan, Superjail!, and Robot Chicken at, however, these will only be available until October 10th at around 6 p.m. EST.

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