Wednesday, October 22, 2008

PixelJunk Monsters update coming

Thought not available yet, it should arrive by next week; Q-Games' second game in the PixelJunk series, PixelJunk Monsters (as well as its expansion, PixelJunk Monsters Encore) will be receiving a long awaited update next week.

The update will include:
- Adjustable difficulty settings
- Tower menu customization
- Tower balancing
- Video recording / YouTube uploads (a la Eden)
- Custom Soundtracks via the XMB
- Trophy support

A note on the Trophy Support; because the game released so long ago, and Trophies are not retroactive, Q-Games was smart enough to include a new challenge mode, of which will earn you Trophies. I'm personally most excited for the difficulty adjustments, because like Eden, I try to enjoy such a relaxing game, but the difficulty just shatters that experience for me. And it's great to see a game supporting soundtracks via the XMB, just too bad that Monsters' music is too well suited for it to be replaced by your rap albums or death metal. As for YouTube uploads, if I can manage to download the patch, I'll be sure that VFHvideo gets its fair share of Monsters just as it had Eden.

via Playstation.Blog

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