Saturday, October 25, 2008

LittleBigPlanet Impressions

The game starts out just like the Beta, so you'll play through a level featuring the staff as well as some little tutorials, its a charming way to start the game. In fact, the whole thing starts off like the Beta, so if you played through that and went through all of those tutorials, sorry, but you'll have to do it again. Otherwise the game feels a bit more polished here and there.

As of right now the servers are not up, so I can't get my pre-order bonus, nor can I access any of the game's online modes. My guess is that the delay on the game was for everything not just getting it into customers hands. Meaning, despite GameStop releasing it today, the game probably won't go online until Tuesday, the intended new release date.

Also, while writing this I've just earned my first every Trophy, I'm so giddy! Haha, there are quite a few simple Trophies in the game, like placing a sticker or getting a x2 Multiplyer, so those like me who are yet to earn anything, now's your chance to get in on it!

I have to say, the new levels, i.e. not the "Europe" ones are pretty nice. Plus who knew you could have a meerkat strip club in a E rated game but you can't have lyrics from the Qur'ran. The complexity of some of this stuff is simply brilliant, I'm loving it.

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