Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chinese Democracy is finally here

Looks like it was true, after all of this time, Guns N' Roses new album', Chinese Democracy is actually releasing on November 23rd, exclusively at Best Buy. Despite "Shackler's Revenge" being the first officially released material from the album, via Rock Band 2, the first single off the album will be the titular track, "Chinese Democracy".

Track Listing
1. "Chinese Democracy"
2. "Shackler's Revenge"
3. "Better"
4. "Street of Dreams"
5. "If the World"
6. "There Was a Time"
7. "Catcher N' the Rye"
8. "Scraped"
9. "Riad N' the Bedouins"
10. "Sorry"
11. "I.R.S."
12. "Madagascar"
13. "This I Love"
14. "Prostitute"

"Chinese Democracy" can now be heard on both and the band's MySpace.

Also, in my original article, I mentioned Best Buy had a small version of the album art, or as they had called it "Cover A". Well, both "Cover B" listings are gone, so here's a large version of the "only" album art for you:

Nothing terrible, it works, and it's more or less in the simplistic style of the band's previous albums. As for the sound ... well, it certainly doesn't sound like the Guns N' Roses I remember; but I guess thats to be expected 17 years after the band's last album of new material, and the fact that the only remaining member is W. Axl Rose. I'll be the judge of it all come the end of November, maybe I'll even have a review.

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