Sunday, October 26, 2008

Batman: The Brave and the Bold preview

Cartoon Network is finally starting to get the public aware of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, a new Batman animation series that pairs the Caped Crusader with other heroes from DC Comics' collection. You may have remembered us posting the debut trailer from Comic-Con. Well now things are getting into full gear for the series premiere on November 14th.

From now until December 8th you can watch a short clip from an episode, "Rise of the Blue Beetle", on Cartoon Network Video. You'll definitely notice a sense of campiness but we'll have to see how it feels in full context.

Also, CN has launched a page for the series the includes character profiles, a game, and some downloads; all of which can be found at

Quick edit, this one download in particular raised my eyebrows a bit in that it hints at who we'll presumably see appearing in the show.

Nice to see that DC B-Lists like Dr. Fate and Metamorpho will be getting some screen time, no? Not to mention a push for un-mainstream characters like Red Tornado and Jaime Reyes' Blue Beetle; keep it coming DC!

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