Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Nintendo / Spore crazy

Yeah, it happened, after just a night with Spore Creature Creator, and after creating Dino and then some original ideas, I decided to go all Nintendo this morning. I finally learned I could actually resize parts, which would've been nice to know earlier cause I was annoyed that I couldn't ... anyways, because of my new found abilities I decided to make Pikmin. I started with the Blue, then used the form to easily create the Red and Yellow. White required an eye change, and Purple needed fattening, so I used the resize tool. Enjoy!

Yes, that last one is a bonus, Yoshi. I actually made him/her before all these Pikmin.

You can see larger versions of these videos, as well as my other creations over at VFHvideo in our new Spore Playlist!

Anyways, Spore releases for PC/Mac next week on September 7th! After my play through with the creator I'll say I'm hyped for the full game. Oh, and Spore Creatures for the DS is coming out the same day but ... well ...

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