Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Xbox Experience

Microsoft has launched a new part of to let people get to know the New Xbox Experience (NXE), more importantly, the new Dashboard. Here you can get a look at the new features, browse a virtual Dashboard, and watch videos about the NXE.

Xbox com - New Xbox Experience

Personally, I think it borrows too much from Apple's CoverFlow, Sony's Xross Media Bar, and Nintendo's Miis. And especially after three years in the console's life span, I think it's unfair for Microsoft to ditch the interface their core fans have gotten used to, and suddenly target the system at a totally different crowd just because the competition, in this case Nintendo, has won over the casual market. Maybe if they thought about launching a new platform, I can see them revamping their style like this, but after three years?! That's just rediculous.

Alas, I don't own a 360, so it's not going to affect me. But to those that do, I'm sorry.

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