Tuesday, September 30, 2008

iPhone Series: Cro-Mag Rally

Cro-mag Rally is a racing game from Pangea Software, who has been bringing a lot of different games to the iPhone and iPod from a wide range of genres. How does this one compare to their others?

Like most of their games, the one thing they do get down really well is the controls. In Cro-Mag Rally, you steer via the accelerometers, and accelerate via an on-screen button, as opposed to automatically like in other racing games, so you have more control. You also have the ability to use weapons that you pick up, and these are used via another button which allows you to throw items either in front of behind you.

The other settings and options are fairly robust as well, with the ability to set the difficulty, from easy to hard, change the sensitivity of the turning, set the volume, and even change to first-person view if you like. The easy difficulty is far too easy, allowing you to be victorious no matter how bad you might be, and hard isn’t too much of a challenge either, but it may give you some problems.

As far as the actual game options go, you have 9 tracks to play on and 11 vehicles to choose from. You can also choose between either a male or female character. All the tracks are really detailed and focus on a specific time period and area, such as the Egyptian pyramids, Great Wall of China, and other time periods, such as Medieval and Vikings. The vehicles too are really unique from one another and have their own stats which very noticeably change the style in which you must play.

Unfortunately though, there are only two modes, Race and Gather, and neither are a Grand-Prix-type experience, so you can only play one level at a time. Race is your standard race, while Gather sets 8 arrow heads around each track which you must collect in order to win. Aside from that small detail though, they are exactly the same, pitting you against 3 other racers. To help you in your quest to victory, there are a ton of different weapons scattered about, which range from projectiles, to boosts, to oil slicks, and there are a ton of different projectiles at your disposal, although you won’t really need them in order to win.

Overall, the game is decent, with lots of unique tracks and vehicles to choose from, however, with a lack of difficulty and a tournament feature, there isn’t much to come back to, although it does work for playing a race here and there, which is what iPhone games should be about. It is also important to note that while the controls are pretty spot-on, you do tend to spin around quite easily, making it frustrating at times. The game only goes for $1.99 though, so it’s a steal in comparison to other, better racing games out there, like Crash Bandicoot, so if all you are after is a quick racing fix from time to time, then Cro-Mag Racing is your best bet.

Overall Score - 6.5/10

You can buy Cro-Mag Rally on iTunes.

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