Sunday, August 24, 2008

Stickman Exodus

I came across this little series by Waverly Films, and animated by Augenblick Studios, which is right here in NYC. You may not know the Augenblick name, but they're the studio behind Superjail, which premieres this September on [adult swim]. Much like Superjail, Stickman Exodus gets by on sadistic humor; and because its on the internet, it has vulgar language and violence. It ends up becoming a nice little series though, and although it pushes its style a little too much into Don Hertzfeldt territory, it has enough of its own style to make it fun and unique.

Check it out, but be warned, if yu cant handle crude violence and language, don't watch.

Stickman Exodus - Part One at

There are five parts total, so start at Part One and continue from there. There is a story line.

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