Friday, August 22, 2008

Signing Off

So, the day has finally come, tomorrow I'll be moving into New York City. The big time, right? I'm leaving in the morning, but I'm only taking my Macbook Pro, and not my PC, so I should be able to get back on the net fairly quickly.

Also, I won't be taking my Wii with me, so anyone actually still looking to Brawl, oh well. Despite this, I've taken enough notes on Strongbad to review it while I'm away. I'd of reviewed it sooner but, I didn't think the move would keep me so busy. The main reason I'm not taking it is because there's just nothing coming out. Plus, if anything came out on the VC or WiiWare that I'd really need my Wii, Jersey's just two train rides away. But anyways, I'll still have my DS and PS3.

On another note, VFH has reached hELL or hELL00, whatever your preference.

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