Sunday, August 3, 2008

Note about PS3's Greatest Hits

So I was at Best Buy today, browsing the video games, and I noticed something about the new Greatest Hits line. Remember that red, HD-DVD like case that they're supposed to have? Well it turns out only a few copies of Ninja Gaiden Sigma had that. But titles like Need for Speed, Fight Night, and Resistance had their original cases, with a red sticker resembling the top of the case, and a strip saying Greatest Hits underneath. Like, if you took the sticker off, you wouldnt know it's the Greatest Hits version.

I personally like that much better, cause I hate how the Greatest Hits / Platinum Hits / Player's Choice titles stick out like a sore thumb in your collection. But was even wierder was that some copies of Sigma had the sticker design, despite the red case ones also being available. My guess is that they're just copies sitting before the change, so the sticker was placed on to denote the cheap price.

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Hampig said...

Yeah, I'd guess the same thing as you. Pretty soon they will all probably have the red case.