Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Flickr feature

As you should know, we have a Flickr account for VFH, its basically being used for events like E3 and all of its media, as well as for document where we go. Well I'm putting the account to use with a almost daily feature (maybe?). Because of my new surroundings, and my nice view, I'll be documenting the lights of the Empire State Building. You saw the first image of the buildin during the day, but from now on all shots will be from at night (most likely).

Here's the lights for August 23, 2008:

Red, white, and blue; I like how it alternates on the sides; for the Olympics maybe? Anyways, I won't be posting these every night, obviously, only when the lights change. Also, I won't be making a post each time either, so you'll need to actually check the Flickr account until I figure out a way to get a stream like I did for VFHvideo.

UPDATE: New tab added above the VFHvideo tab. It cycles through the entire gallery automatically, but you can pause it and browse as you wish. Clicking images will englarge them in a new tab/window. However, it only shows the 20 most recent additions, so if you want to see more you'll have to visit the actual page.

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JDW said...

it is now April 5th, 2009. And all the ESB shots from this date onward are now deleted to save space in our Flickr account. Sorry.