Monday, August 11, 2008

LBP pre-orders explained

Well two of them at least. The BradyGames strategy guide will be the pre-order bonus from And the Kratos gear (it's four pieces) will be the GameStop/ EB Games pre-order bonus. I actually saw a sign in my local EB about the Kratos download a few days ago, looks like they slipped!

LittleBigPlanet News - Pre-Orders

The site claims that the downloads won't be available from the PS Store. However, they also state that to get the items you'll need a Redemption Code to get it from the store ... If the code works anything like Redemption Code I've used in the past, it means the item is on the store already, you're just getting it free.

Good news for me at least, I wanted the Kratos gear, and I planned to pre-order at Gamestop; I win!

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