Thursday, July 17, 2008

Various Nintendo Impressions

Here are a few Nintendo game impressions, yeah, this will be a short one.

Animal Crossing: City Folk -
Animal Crossing was one of the expected announcements at this years e3, and to little surprise it was announced. The game seems to have basically the same graphical presentation as the Gamecube version, mixed with the Wild World style point of view from a isometric sort of angle, where the world seems round. While their were big expectations from everyone on this sequel, I'm sorry to say not many of them where met. So far it seems you cannot build your own furniture, their is confirmed to be no forecast channel support, or NES games (wtf?!)and their is no MMO type gameplay. Just the same old online components from the DS version, with the ability to download new furniture and wallpaper, visit your friends city while they aren't online, and send screenshots to your friends phones, emails, message boards, or mail on Animal Crossing, which is kind of neat... I guess. On the upside of things, you will be able to port over information from the DS Animal Crossing to Town Folks, including clothing, furniture, and other unconfirmed items. A small thing that made me happy was the ability to edit all parts of shirts, front back and sleeves, which is very nice for those who want more detail. For the most part, this seems like an expansion pack, more stuff but no big evolutions or revolutions. So if you liked the old ones and want more, pick this up, if not, well then don't.

Deadly Creatures -
This one actually surprised me, before E3 I had thought this game looked pretty stupid and just not interesting whatsoever. But now after seeing a video of the gameplay demoed, I have to say it looks very impressive. You play as both a tarantula and a scorpion, on and off, and supposedly the gameplay differs between stealthy and more action orientated between the two, and the story is intertwining between the too, it should make for a interesting game! But the first standout feature of the game which caught my eye is the graphics. The textures were clean and the environments where very nice, and while not amazing, got the job done. The ability to climb on walls and ceilings and walls made for a interesting addition, and looks very well done. It is also promised you will be able to fight humans, which sounds amazing considering the scale of them in comparison to your tiny creature. Keep an eye on this one, hitting the stores October this year.

Pikmin -
Being made. Theories and rumors are running rampant, such as pikmin will once again return, there will be at least 3 colors, and that they will have varying attributes. More on these wild speculations as it is revealed.

Wii Sports Resort -
The sequel to Wii Sports, featuring the MotionPlus. The developers are aiming for the goal of 10 unique games all controlled with the help of the MotionPlus peripheral, including both simultaneous and pass the remote multiplayer modes. The motion response on screen seems to be fairly lag free and precise, hopefully enough to justify the purchase of the little square supposedly full of happyness and whatnot known as the MotionPlus.

Skate It -
A Wii exclusive version of skate, Skate It, uses the balance board for translating realistic skateboarding movements into a onscreen skater pulling off moves in a environment with realistic physics. The team working on the game is full of real life skaters, so hopefully the can get the feel of skating down and transfer it to the virtual world. I'm a fan of the first Skate, so I'm pulling for this one to turn out well.

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