Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Various Impressions: MotorStorm

I only happened to catch one PS3 game tonight, so I'm sorry for all you PS3 fans, but I promise, more is on the way!

MotorStorm: Pacific Rift - While I don't have a PS3 myself, the original MotorStorm is the game I have played the most of on the console; so I'm pretty excited to see a sequel coming out. It even seems to have the same crazy destruction as before, only kicked up a notch with fully destructible environments! That's right, you can rip through the island that's based on Hawaii and just wreak absolute havoc on your fellow racers and the island itself. To go along with this new destruction they added a new type of class, monster trucks. If that isn't already awesome enough, you'll be driving through 4 distinct zones each with their own individual properties. Fire zones are... well full of fire I'd assume, vegetation zones are set in the forest areas, then with the ability to cool your engine are water zones, and with big ramps and lots of airtime are air zones. Oh did I mention the split-screen 4-player multiplayer mode? Yeah. It's gonna rock.

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