Thursday, July 10, 2008

Too Human Demo

Well, its been announced that the long awaited Too Human demo is coming to the public. Next week during E3 at that! You'll finally be able to judge the game fairly, for yourself.

I have to say I'm extremely happy about this, I've been very interested in Too Human since I saw the first trailer when it came out, in fact most people where excited about it then, but since then it seems as if the news regarding it has become more and more negative. Hopefully this will help settle my curiosity regarding the game. I'll put my impressions up as soon as possible, so keep an eye out!

Info via IGN


JDW said...

Id like to hope Too Human turns out good. 1 mainly because they planned it as a trilogy, if this one is a flop then you have an unfinished story, and that's just not fair. And 2, I enjoyed their previous projects, Eternal Darkness, and MGS: Twin Snakes; I'd imagine they can keep they same type of quality gaming.

At the same time the jerk in me wants it to do bad so SK loses faith in Microsoft and does something with Nintendo or Sony.

Hampig said...

Lol, I really want it to do good. Every time I've seen Dyack talking about the game he's been extremely passionate about the content and overall game. One of the few companies that still really care about gaming.