Thursday, July 31, 2008

PixelJunk Eden - YouTube uploads

So, as promised, I downloaded PixelJunk Eden. I decided t try out the Video Upload feature right off the bat, as I already know how to play the rest of the game due to the demo. Also note, unlike the previous PixelJunk titles, your demo data does not transfer over! My guess is that this was done because the Trophies will not work retroactively. Anyways, the first video was a short testing out of the feature, the second is the first level from start to finish:

PixelJunk Eden Video Test

PixelJunk Eden - Garden 01 - First Spectra

I know the quality isn't all there, but thats what they give you, even if it was recorded on an HDTV. Be sure to stay tuned for more media. Chances are I won't have a video for each Spectra, maybe just the first Spectra in each Garden; about 10 videos in all. Enjoy!


Hampig said...

Huh, very interesting. How easy is it to use?

JDW said...

really simple actually, just hit Select, choose the video option, and it goes. You can record up to 10 minutes. Pressing R3 will pause recording, and to stop, hit select and choose the option again. Here you can select to upload to YouTube (which then prompters your username, password, and video title) or save it to the system.

Hampig said...

Huh, im impressed. They always find ways to make this stuff way too hard. Also on a side note, how do u aim the web? right stick?

JDW said...

spinning wise? i believe its auto, but i turn the left stick to think im doing something. u only use the left stick and any shape buttons. each shape has the same effect.

Hampig said...

Wait, so theirs what, one button needed?