Sunday, July 13, 2008

Out with the old, In with the new

Much like the 60GB price cut before it; Microsoft has gone and cut the price of the 20GB Xbox 360 Pro in order to bring in the new 60GB Xbox 360 Pro. A smart move, especially when they're really pushing that Video Marketplace, and with Digital Distribution's ever expanding market.

Available in early August (I assume after a big shtick at E3), the new 60GB will retail for $349, the previous price of the 20GB. And the 20GB will retail at the Wii-savy price of $299. However, the $279, and reasonably shafted Xbox 360 Arcade, as well as the $449 Elite with not have there prices affected.

Personally the announcement doesn't excite me too much. If had to get a 360 I'd get an Elite, because for the money, 120GB of space is oh so worth it. Considering $500 gets you 80GB on the PS3, but at least there's slots for common memory devices (Memory Stick, Compact Flash, SD card) and not one specific 256MB card...

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