Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mega Man Music

So, funny story. Lately I've been wanting something new to listen to, and watching the Mega Man 9 trailer made me remember how awesome the music from the series is, so off I went to YouTube to find some of the classics to listen to, and I found an absolutely enormous collection of guitar versions of all my favorite Mega Man tunes. Anyone who has played the Mega Man games will really appreciate this, like it or not, since these songs were being drilled into your head while you died for the hundredth time on oh, I don't know, every stage you ever played. If you aren't a MM veteran, you can still appreciate the awesome going on here, if nothing else these are a few more catchy tunes with awesome guitarists playing them.

Yeah I know... that story wasn't funny.

Video uploaded by YouTube user FuzinhoSanchezRodori

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