Tuesday, July 15, 2008

E3 2008 - Nintendo Conference

Here's a list of what was shown during Nintendo's Press Conference:

Wii Music
-Over 60 instruments, such as: Xylophone, Drums, Piano, Saxophone, Guitar, Violin
-Sound based on Wiimote movement
-Record and combine videos of your performances
-Make music videos
-Form a band
-Noticed that 5 people were playing simultaneously, one of which used a Balance Board; however nothing was mentioned of how this was done.

Wii Sports: Resort
-Spring 2009 release
-Variety of activities
-Frisbee game, akin to that found in Nintendogs
-Wave Race type game
-Sword duel game
-1:1 motion

Animal Crossing: City Folk
-Holiday 2008 release
-Visit the city; auctioning building, fashion store, salon, and more.
-Play with a mask of your Mii
-Visit friends' towns
-Send letters to friends online to their game, Wii Message Board, cell phones and PCs.
-WiiSpeak community microphone, lets you and all your friends talk to each other online.
-WiiSpeak connected via USB, sits atop the sensor bar.
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
-For Nintendo DS
-Set in Liberty City
-Free-roaming, like the console titles.

Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades
-Yes, already.
-Share songs between Decades, On Tour, and presumably future game.

Other games shown
-Cooking Navi , Nintendo (DS, released in Japan and Europe)
-Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almin , Nintendo (DS, released Japan)
-Shaun White Snowboarding , Ubisoft (Wii, uses Balance Board)
-Raving Rabbids TV Party , Ubisoft (Wii, uses Balance Board)
-Star Wars: the Clone Wars , Lucas Arts (Wii)
-Call of Duty: World at War , Activision (Wii, uses Zapper)
-Spore Creatures , EA (DS)

-Where was Kid Icarus?
-Where was Pikmin 3?
-Where was Pokemon Platinum?
-What are the Mario/Zelda teams actually working on?
-Spring 09 seems far away for Resort; playing it safe?
-Is MotionPlus only used for that?
-Is Wii Music much of a game?
-What's new for WiiWare?
-Where's our storage solution?

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