Sunday, June 22, 2008

Classic VFH redone + Tech thoughts

The classic version of VFH has some new images made by JDW. Updates the look.

Since I don't really keep as much tabs on video games as you guys, I'll post on something I do know: computers.

If any of you are into building your own computers you may be keeping tabs on the GPU war. (Don't think one is going on? Try harder.) Nvidia recently released their new flagship the GTX 280. Although it is iffy as to whether or not in its current driver stage if it can beat out the 9800 GTX+... only time will tell. ATi/AMD didn't take it sitting down and has released its own Radeon HD 4850 to take the thunder away. Personally I own Nvidia cards, but after this giant debacle over Vista drivers I am going to give AMD a chance the next computer I build. Still going intel though... don't judge.

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