Monday, May 12, 2008

Wii dictionary.. updated?

So you know that little feature of the Wii's virtual keyboard that'll brings up a list of words that it assumes you're typing? Well i was playing around wit it last night and noticed some odd things about it.

Notably there are much more gaming related terms than were available at first.

For instance, the "dictionary" will now recognize if are typing in words such as: metroid, chibi-robo, ridley, gamecube, pictochat, kirby, wiiconnect24, pikimin, pokémon, poké, pikachu bulbasaur, charmander, etc.

Note that for whatever reason, it'll recognize names like pikachu, bulbasaur, and charmander, but if you type in "jigg" not even jigglypuff will appear.

But there is some other notable gaming related words, for instance 3rd parties, word like: konami, koei, castlevania, capcom, megaman, and sega will appear.

But even that isn't weird. You can actually find playstation and microsoft in the "dictionary", but xbox will not appear.

Other notable brand names like coca-cola and pepsi, among other appear.

And what would dictionary fun be without vulgarity? Well i'll tell you right now, that no curse words will appear, the f-word, c-word, s-word, heck not even the q-word. But, there is something interesting. Penis, yeah i said it, will not appear in the "dictionary". But vagina and vaginal will..... what's up with that?

If you find anbything else just tell us!

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Hampig said...

lol, those sexist bastards!