Sunday, May 18, 2008

Nintendo compliments my collection

So i called up Nintendo yesterday morning because I had noticed that a game was missing. So i'm with the service rep. and he then asks me for my e-mail, address, phone number, all that good stuff to justify that it's my account. So the guy logs in on my account and all i hear him say is "Wow........" and ask if something's wrong. He says "No, it just i haven't seen anyone with this many games, it's quite a collection". But no worries (yeah, you Zach) I told him i hada friend with many more registered games. Should i have asked for some sort of award for having so many registered titles?

Hell it'd be the closest thing to a Club Nintendo, which btw, North America is the last to have. Yeah, both Europe and Australia have launched their own Club Nintendo... wtf. No really key chains and styli(?)for registering does not compare. Sure you can say you gave us the Zelda: Collector's Edition and the Metroid Prime 2 Bonus Disc, but what else? Step it up Nintendo!

1 comment:

ZPotts said...

Bahaha, that's right I do. And yes, you should have asked for something t-shirt.

And yes, we f'ing need a Club Nintendo. *grumble grumble*