Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Nintendo Channel lauches!

I woke up this morning, took a shower, but as I came back to my room i noticed that my Wii's slot light was on. A little peculiar, i wasnt expecting anything, and Check Mii Out notifications dont show up until night. So i boot up the Wii, and there's the letter i've been waiting for a long time, the Nintendo Channel was up.

Is this early? i heard it was supposed to launch with WiiWare, thats onlylike 5 days away though, and i'm not complaining.

Either way, thechannel's pretty cool despite having like only 5 minutes with it. Already i can see thee was about 9 pages worth of videos that i'll have to check out. The rating thing is pretty cool; basically it lets you give your opinion on anything you've played over an hour, including Wii games, VC games, and Channels. I only did it for Metroid Prime 3, but it was quick and easy and maybe it'll mean something.

Also i did the search feature, which was nice because it allowed you to view large boxart, has all the specs of the games, and even hada Purchase option that redirects you to the Internet Channel.

But my favorite part was the DS Download Station. It was simple to you, and finally, i was able to try out Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword, and i can say just from a demo, i got a great feel for it. Maybe this is a start for Nintendo to see that demoes are really worth it.

What's everyone else think?


ZPotts said...

I didn't even know it was coming, but heard that it was up via sites like Kotaku, so I had to check it out.

It seems interesting. I like how it has a game calendar, even though some games were missing, like Wii Fit...which I thought was very odd. I didn't see the game ranker, but that sounds cool and a good think for Nintendo to see how gamers actually like their games. And yeah, DS download, finally. I also got Ninja Gaiden and it was pretty cool.

I'm definitely happy that the channel is here, and it is probably one of the ones I'll continue to use in the future, to check out maybe exclusive trailers and download DS and maybe one day Wii demos.

JDW said...

Yeah, the ratings this iscalled recomndations or whatever. Also there's actually more videos than just the front page. There's are selection of DS and Wii games, as well as evey VC game with a video.

But what bothered me was the lack of many third party games. For instance, Ubisofts basically whole catalouge is there, but Rabbids 1, Red Steel, and especially No More Heroes are missing.

And with the recommendations, everything was there, VC, Channels, and Wii titles.. except for my 3rd party ones No More Heroes and Zack & Wiki. I dont know about your 3rd Party selection though....