Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Duckman finally comes to DVD

Yup, the cult-classic cartoon series is finally coming to DVD. You may not have heard of it, but you know what? You should. This set will contain 22 episodes (13 from season one, and 9 from season two). My guess is that there will be two more sets, as the 3rd season has 20 episodes, and the 4th and final season had 28. Also, if you would to catch Everett Peck's latest work, you can catch Squirrel Boy on Cartoon Network, that that too isn't bad, it's just not shown too often. However it is viewable at Cartoon Network Video (just go to shows, then scroll to find it).

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I've never seen CBS have an animated box set, so i'm not sure what their packaging standards are, but i sure wish this came in a box, and not just the cheap-old keep case.

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ZPotts said...

Niiiice. Duckman was a pretty sweet show, with its humorous, adult content. I'd definitely pick this up if I had the money...:(