Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mario Kart Wii Impressions

The game starts out by giving you a license, which is your save file, but still cool. The main menu is split into four main categories: Single Player, Multiplayer, WiFi, and the Channel.

In Single Player, you can play in a Grand Prix, Time Trial, VS, and Battle. There are a total of 8 GP's, only 4 of which are available at the start. 4 are comprised of classic courses, while the other 4 are brand new tracks. For the 50cc, you can only use karts, for the 100cc you can only use bikes, and for the 150cc you can choose either.

*Only Karts can drift and get that special drifting boost, while Bikes have better handling and can pop wheelies, which are just bad ass. Both can perform mid-air tricks.

Right from the main menu, you can choose how many people you will be playing with in Multiplayer, which is pretty cool. Then you choose from VS and Battle. VS is neat as you are basically creating your own GP, where you play in a series of 4 races of your choosing.

With Wifi, you can play by yourself or bring in a partner locally. Then you choose from races or battles, both of which have separate rankings, which start at 5000 and decrease or increase depending on how you fair. You start by choosing worldwide, regional, or friends, and then which category you want to play in, races or battles. Then you choose your character and kart. When all the players get set up, you choose a course you want to play on and the computer randomly selects one and you get to it. You may have to wait a little while if you get thrown in the middle of a "battle" and just be able to view the end of that match, but you can choose a view and from whom to look from so it's not too terribly boring. Also, the wifi is super smooth, as if you were playing locally, and the ranking points keep you coming back for more and to improve.

-You unlock more characters, tracks, and karts as you play, as well as special bonuses or awards perhaps for doing well online.

-There are two battle modes: balloon and coin. Both have you split into two teams. If you play with only a few people, computer opponents may be added. Even if you lose all your balloons, the game continues until time is out.
-The fact that you can't play in more than two teams is lame.
-Some courses seem too big...much too big.

-There are both karts and bikes.

-A few new items which are neat and mix up gameplay a bit.

-Computer is cheap...stupid awesome blue turtle shell.

-Wii Wheel...kinda lame. Best is Wiimote/Nunchuk combo.

-When playing online, it shows where the opponents are from, which is very cool.

-Neat stat tracking.

-Very easy to add a friend to friend list, even without friend code!!!! Done using Wii's friends and messages

-Overall, a fun experience. It's Mario Kart.

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